Fairtex Muay Thai and MMA



Fairtex from Thailand is the highlight among professional Muay Thai and MMA athletes. This is a traditional and High- End manufacturer of Muay Thai and MMA equipment. This manufacturer only produces one quality level which is called PROFESSIONAL. Every single model is developed and tested in co- operation with Athletes and trainers from their own Fairtex gyms, before being launched on the market. Locally fairtex is not only a name for high quality equipment but they are also very well known for their Fighters from the Fairtex gynms in Thailand. Outside of Thailand, Fairtex is very well established in the USA where it got several gyms, here not only Muay Thai is successfully being trained but Fairtex has also rooted into the MMA sport. Everything that Fairtes does, she does it perfect. In 2008 Fairtex was awarded with the Fighter's Only Price for being the best MMA gloves manufacturer, a inortant price for fairtex as this price is in fact awarded by readers votes. If you are also looking for perfection, you are at the right place here in our Fairtex Shop.