BenLee boxing pads Hardhands


BenLee boxing pads Hardhands by BenLee Rocky Marciano



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The stylish BenLee Hardhands focus mitts are made of durable synthetic leather. Perfect for a variety of striking exercises, these mitts provide a lightweight and flexible training experience for speed and coordination in all combat sports. The ergonomically shaped palm, combined with the integrated glove on the back, ensures a secure grip without worrying about slippage. The high-quality foam padding effectively absorbs impact, allowing you to focus on optimal striking technique. Designed for comfortable training without straining your hands, these mitts feature a centered BenLee logo that serves as both a visual highlight and a target point to improve accuracy. The combination of different materials and prints creates a unique and modern look that definitely catches attention. Stand out and train with style using the stylish BenLee Hardhands focus mitts. They are top-quality training tools for improving technique, speed, and coordination in any combat sport.


  • 100% polyurethane
  • foam core padding
  • printed target in contrast colour. 
  • curved shaped
  • velcro wrist closure.
  • lightweght pads.
  • Crafted form boxing- and other martial arts- trainíng.

Available in black, as per pictures. Price per pair.