BenLee Floor to Ceiling ball Presto


BenLee Floor to Ceiling ball Presto by BenLee Rocky Marciano




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BenLee "Rocky Marciano" Floor to Ceiling Ball Presto

This piece of equipment inproves your eyes-hands coordination as well as your reaction and reflexes. Easy to install, only needs two metal hooks to attach the ropes. The reach and speed of the punching ball can be adjusted through the tension of the ropes.

Due the use this punchingball can loose air, so check the pressure on a regular base and add air if required

BenLee and Rocky Marciano both legendary names from the history of boxing. Rocky, the all time champ, appreciated the innovation and quality of BenLee products.


  • PU vinyl shell
  • rubber bladder.
  • Size 27x22cm (HxW)
  • 2 elastic ropes with metal hooks included
  • deflated packed and delivered, can be easily nflated with a regular soccerball pump.
  • Crafted form boxing- and other martial arts- trainíng.

Available in black / red, one size.