BenLee instep- and shinpads Shinney


BenLee instep- and shinpads Shinney by BenLee Rocky Marciano




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Benlee Instep and shin protector Shinney

Benlee basic instep-, and shinpads made of an elastic textile knit with lightweight and compact high density foam padding. Is knitted like as sock, fits like it, nicely tight thus almost none twisting during training. Altough the padding is light and compact, it still provides enough protection and shockabsorbtion. This pair of shinpads comes in S, M and L., Sold and delivered in pairs


  • 65/25/10% polyester/nylon/rubber
  • high density foam padding
  • ergonomic pre-shaped with opening for the heels
  • Suitable for all MMA, Muay Thai and other Martial-Arts with kicks

Available in black, in sizes S, M and L.