BenLee Junior Boxing Set Punchy


BenLee Junior Boxing Set Punchy by BenLee Rocky Marciano



  Available, shipped within 2 business days.

Boxing set "Punchy" is a complete and perfect junior boxing set for kids with 6-12 years of age. Unpack, fix the hook to your ceiling and - start training ! - 

This set includes:

  • A PU punchbag with pure textile filling, 58cm in height and 4kg in weight. Strong nylon straps with metall d-rings will hold this vbag in position.
  • PU boxing gloves with velcro wrist wraps and injected, preshaped foamcore padding, just like the adult model Sugar, offer hight shock absorbtion and is very safe with the thumblocks. 
  • A nylon speedrope, light in weight but can be very fast too.
  • Metall celinghook with 2 screwholes. Since there is a wide variety of ceiling, in sense of construction and materials, no screws are included in this set. Please check your ceiling on stability and material, then select the right screws, prior to installation .
  • A pair of mini gloves.

 Available in red and black, as per pictures.