BenLee knee pads Paddey


BenLee knee pads Paddey by BenLee Rocky Marciano




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BenLee kneepads Paddey.

Elastic and ergonomic knitted Muay Thai and MMA kneepads, protect you and your sparringspartner effectively for knee blows. The elastic sock is ergonomic deisgned and knitted to allow easy and torublefree kneebows. Also the dense foam padding is ergnomoic shaped, allow unrestricted kneebows. These pads comes in S/M for juniors and L/XL for adults. Sold and delivered as a pair.


  • 65/25/10% polyester/nylon/rubber
  • washable  

 Available in black. Junior(XS/S), S/M and L/XL.

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