Brain-Pad Boys mouthguard LoPro+ Junior


Brain-Pad Boys mouthguard LoPro+ Junior by Brain-Pad



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The Brain-Pad LoPro+ (LPPY) Junior mouthguard
designed for the delicate and growing junior teeth / jaws. A slightly smaller, 'streamlined for comfort variation' of the PRO + PLUS mouth guard design.
Recommended for hard-hitting competitors sports like martial arts, hockey and american football.

Heat up the mouthguard in hot water to shape the guard to your mouth and hardenen by cooling off in cold water.


  • Size: boys 6-12 years
  • Thermoplastic
  • latex free
  • air channel
  • incl. boiling stick
  • incl. storage box

Available in blue/clear, black/clear and clear, boys size.