Brain-Pad Boys mouthguard Pro+Plus Junior


Brain-Pad Boys mouthguard Pro+Plus Junior by Brain-Pad



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The Brain-Pad mouthguard PRO+PLUS Junior (WPRY2004) AKA "The Best".
Recommended for Hard-Hitting Competitors and sports such as: Football, Rugby, Wrestling, MX, Weight Lifting and other Contact sports. With an engineered fitting fpr boys from 6-12 years. Best Protection for Dental Appliance/Braces coverage and protection. Excellent Breathing - Clench for POWER & balance - Clench & Breathe!

Heat up the mouthguard in hot water to shape the guard to your mouth and hardenen by cooling off in cold water.


  • Size: 6-12 years
  • Thermoplastic
  • latex free
  • air channel
  • incl. boiling stick
  • incl. storage box

Available in black/grey, blue/grey and in transparent, boys size.