Brain-Pad junior mouthguard 3XS


Brain-Pad junior mouthguard 3XS by Brain-Pad



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The Brain-Pad junior model 3XS.
3XS is the Brain-Pad High-End model with integrated High-Impact Gel-pads inserts These Gel-pads offer new feel, fitting and protection, so does this model come with a softer feel and a thicker front layer. All Brain-Pad mouthguards are tested in house, so is tested that this model absorbs up to 40% of the impact on the jaw, thus reducing the risk of a knock-out or concussion. The 3XS cover and protect  braces excellently and has an increased airflow intake through the newly designed air channels. Made and designed for heavy Duty sports like Full Contact Sports, Rugby and American Football. Included in delivery is an antimicrobial hardshell case.

Heat up the mouthguard in hot water to shape the guard to your mouth and hardenen by cooling off in cold water.


  • Size: Boys 6-12 years
  • High-Impact Gel-pads, TMJ seperator covered in thermoplast
  • latex free
  • air channel
  • incl. optional helmet strap.
  • incl. Antimicrobial storage box

Available in black / white.