Fairtex AB13 MMA Fightshort Wild


Fairtex AB13 MMA Fightshort Wild by Fairtex




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Fairtex Fightshorts Wild, with an wild, colourful and inspiring graphic print on the left leg.

Introducing Fairtex's latest MMA shorts, designed for daily training and a casual lifestyle. Crafted from 89% polyester and 11% spandex for durability, breathability, and flexibility. The slim cut includes spandex in the crotch area for high kicks and ground combat. A 4-inch leg slit ensures unrestricted movement, while an inner drawstring and elastic waistband provide a secure and comfortable fit.


  • 89/11% polyester/spandex
  • Slim cut with spandex in the crotch area
  • 4-inch leg slit allows unrestricted movement
  • Inner drawstring and elastic waistband for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Made in Thailand

Available in a black, in sizes M till XL.