Fairtex BGV24 boxing gloves Beauty of Survival


Fairtex BGV24 boxing gloves Beauty of Survival by Fairtex



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Discover the perfect fusion of art and sport with the "Beauty of Survival" leather boxing gloves. These gloves feature an evocative artwork of a raven battling a serpent, symbolizing the raw struggle for survival. The roses interwoven in the design highlight the paradoxical beauty amidst the intensity of combat, reflecting the dual nature of our sport.

Crafted with genuine leather, these gloves boast a 3-layered foam core and a grip bar to ensure a proper fist formation and optimal support. The premium cut and meticulous patterning, combined with Fairtex's stringent quality standards, ensure a superior fit and exceptional durability.

What truly sets these gloves apart is the handmade silkscreen artwork on the outer shell, a stunning collaboration between Fairtex and Studio 29. This unique graphic art not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also captures the passion and beauty inherent in the sport of boxing.

The gloves come in a solid wooden presentation box, adding an extra touch of elegance to the exquisite design and providing a stylish storage solution.

Embrace the "Beauty of Survival" with these exquisitely designed boxing gloves, where every punch is a testament to the passion and artistry of the sport.


  • Premium quality leather
  • 3 layer foamcore padding
  • strong satin lining
  • thumblock
  • wide velcro wrist closure
  • including a wooden presentation box
  • Handmade in Thailand

 Avalaible in black/white, as per pictures, in 120z.