Fairtex BGV26 leather boxing gloves Harmony Six


Fairtex BGV26 leather boxing gloves Harmony Six by Fairtex



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Behold the epitome of balance and elegance with the Fairtex Feng Shui boxing gloves. Symbolizing the harmony between the moon and sun, the black and gold hues, and the revered Phoenix and dragon motifs, these gloves are a masterpiece crafted by local artists. Made from genuine leather, they boast a triple-layered foam core and a snug fit design with reserved cut and pattern. Constructed from premium materials, they epitomize Fairtex's commitment to excellence. Each pair comes with handcrafted silkscreen detailing and custom packaging, making them a limited edition collector's item. Experience the trusted quality of Fairtex with these exquisite gloves.


  • Premium quality leather
  • 3 layer foamcore padding
  • strong satin lining
  • thumblock
  • wide velcro wrist closure
  • handcrafted silkscreen printing
  • including a giftbox
  • Handmade in Thailand

 Avalaible in black/gold, as per pictures, in 10 till 16oz.