Fairtex HB6XXL punchbag 6ft. Fat Banana Bag


Fairtex HB6XXL punchbag 6ft. Fat Banana Bag by Fairtex



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Fairtex HB6XXL Syntek™ "6ft. Fat Bananabag" punchag

The Fat Bananabag presents itself as an impressive punching bag with a generous diameter of 40 cm, belonging to the exclusive Fairtex HB6 Syntek™ series, also known as the "Banana Bag." With generous dimensions of 180x40 cm, it has the capacity to be filled with up to 70 kg. Manufactured in Thailand and consistently committed to Fairtex's top-quality standards, this Banana Bag stands out for its premium Syntek™ material. This material is laminated on the inside and reinforced with an almost indestructible nylon fabric, providing remarkable durability and waterproofness. Fairtex often uses Syntek™ for punching bags and protectors due to its outstanding quality.

The Fat Bananabag was specifically designed for Muay Thai and kickbox athletes. With its sturdy suspension using 6 nylon straps, it only requires a robust ceiling hook to be ready for use. With the Fat Bananabag, you bring a high-quality training device to your gym or home that is not only extremely practical but also adds an authentic atmosphere to your training space.

This bag will be delivered unfilled.


  • non tear nylon laminated Syntek™ leather material shell
  • 3 heavy duty metal D-rings on non 6 tear nylon straps.
  • zipper top closure for easy fill
  • 180cm height, 40cm cross-width
  • weight capacity up till 70kgs
  • Hand made in Thailand

Available in black, yellow, red, blue and lime green.