Fairtex HBS14 freestanding punchbag Mini MAXBAG


Fairtex HBS14 freestanding punchbag Mini MAXBAG by Fairtex



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Fairtex HBS14 Mini MaxBag freestanding punchbag

The HBS14 Mini Maxbag in pink with a detachable target is a high-quality boxing bag in professional gym quality. This original Fairtex product consists of two parts and is ready for use right away. There is no need to fill it with water or sand. The base is made entirely of foam, providing additional safety against injuries. Thanks to its weight, this boxing bag stands securely and stably. Simply insert the bag into the base and start training. It allows for 360-degree training, and with a height of 160 cm, almost all boxing and kicking techniques can be practiced. The Mini Maxbag is slightly softer than the HB14, making it suitable for women and children as well. No risk of leaks or bursting of the container, no need to drill holes in the ceiling, and flexible in placement. The Mini Maxbag has already been successfully tested at the Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya.


  • microfibre shell
  • foamcore
  • 2 piece 30kg+32.5kg pole+base
  • detachable and in height adjustable target
  • appr. 160cm x 80cm HxW, 62.5kg.
  • base with handy grips
  • Made in Thailand

Available in pink. Free delivery within Germany, Please contact us for our export freight costs.