Fairtex headguard Full Face HG14


Fairtex headguard Full Face HG14 by Fairtex




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Fairtex headguard Full Face HG14
This Fairtex headguard offers full face protection and a unique look in the gym. A special feature is the metall built in face barrier. Blocking heavy kicks and punches launched to the face. This headguard also features special designed and padded ear- and chin protection. Of course this headguard is well padded and comes with a good fitting that easily can be adjusted to a perfect fitting though the chinstrap, velcro closure at the back and a lace size aduster at the top. Depsite of the maximum proctection, headguard weighs less than 600g. A perfect piece of equipment for a hobby boxer, White-Collar boxer or for extremely heavy sparringssessions.


  • 100% Syntek™ PU shell and lining
  • biult in metal face plate
  • foam padding
  • padded ear and chin protection
  • adjustable through vlecro and lace adjusters
  • Crafted for boxing- and other martial arts trainíng.

Available in red and black, in sizes M, L and XL.