Fairtex HG16 Microfiber Headguard


Fairtex HG16 Microfiber Headguard by Fairtex




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Introducing the latest evolution of our headgear HG16, crafted from a special thin specification of Microfiber in a luxurious gold color. Retaining durability, this material enhances craftsmanship and maintains the headgear's shape. Thicker padding on the forehead and cheeks provides enhanced protection, while an improved ear compartment ensures superior comfort. Comprehensive coverage remains a priority, safeguarding ears, cheeks, and chin from potential injuries. The design features a more curved chin protector for added throat comfort and a wind shield on the ear protector for increased safety during simulated fights and amateur competitions. Experience maximum comfort and protection with our innovative design.


  • 100% micrpfiber, durable and odourless
  • Multi-layer foam padding
  • cheeck and chin protection
  • adjustable through top laces and a velcro back hook & loop.
  • Crafted for boxing- and other martial arts trainíng.

Available in gold/black, in sizes M, L and XL

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