Fairtex SP7 instep shin guard Twist


Fairtex SP7 instep shin guard Twist by Fairtex




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Fairtex SP7 Instep and Shinguards Twist

New model instep and shinguard Twist, instep is detachable fron shinguard. Both parts are ergonomic shaped and in combination with the elastic and velcro straps, providing a comfortable and secure fitting. Mentioned in the name, this model instep-, shinguard allows the foot to twist without the whole shinguard twist around the leg. Constructed of Fairtex durable Syntek Leather™ with triple layers of "High Impact" foam core, hard on the outer layer and soft on the inner layer, for maximum shop dispersement. Contoured, form-fitting design for natural feel with fully adjustable leg hook and loop straps. Extended in-step with elastic band strap for maximum secure fit, comfort and protection.



  • Fairtex Syntek Leather™
  • 3 layers of "High Inmpact" foam core
  • 100% nylon lining
  • ergonomic pre-shaped protector.
  • elastic foot strap
  • 2 velcro leg hook and loop straps.
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • perfect for muay thai en kickbox trtaining

Available in black and yellow in sizes M-XL