Fairtex LKP2 Donut boxing strike shield


Fairtex LKP2 Donut boxing strike shield by Fairtex



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Fairtex LKP2 Donut, round strike shield

Fairtex latest developed kickpad LKP2 in a stylish brown/black vintage look, is a handy, multi-purpose and intelligent padded strike shield. Compact bulid with a weight of less than 3 kg, absorbs heavy blows and kicks without any problem. This pad is made up in a strong and lasting microfibre vinyl with an intelligent and multi-layered foam core for the best performance. Sizewise this donut is 38cm wide, incl. both padded grips it measures 55cm and is 13cm thick.


  • microfibre vinyl
  • multi-layer foam padding
  • round no-injury shaped
  • 2 padded handles for a sturdy and secure grip
  • Ø 38cm, thickness 13cm
  • appr. 2,8kgs
  • Crafted form kboxing-, thaiboxing and martial arts trainíng.

Available in brown/black.