Fairtex Muay Thai Kick Pad - Curved Shape KPLC1 Compact


Fairtex Muay Thai Kick Pad - Curved Shape KPLC1 Compact by Fairtex



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Fairtex Leather Curved Shape - "Thai Kick Pad" KPLC1 compact

From the bestseller series KPLC, the compact version with a size of 30x20x9cm HxWxD and weighing about 1kg each. Although smaller in size and lower in price this set of Kick and Punching pads are made for heave workout, no matter punching, elbowing, kneeing and kicking drills. The smaller size forces the fighter to be even more precise in his work.

This is the latest innovation of Fairtex, while designing this new product the focus was put of the safety of teacher and his pupils.
The back is equipped with a well padded grip and velcro armlashes, the contact area with the arm is additionally padded for comfort and safety of the trainer. The light curved shape enables a better control and leverage of the pad.
The front side is also improved by repositioning of the stitches seams towards the sides, this reduces the risk on injures while puching and or kicking on a hard and sharp edge.

Made of a premium cowhide leather and padded with a, Fairtex signatured, 4 layered "advanced" foam core system for a maximum shock dispersement. On the trainers' side the padding is of a softer composition for more comfort and safety.

Fairtex KPLC Series Muay Thai Kick Pads


  • premium full grain cowhide
  • Fairtex signature, 4 layered "Advanced" foam core system
  • 30x20x9cm HxWxD
  • weights about 1kg/side
  • padded grips
  • padded armlashes with stepless adjustable velcro closures
  • light curved shape for better control
  • repositioned stitched seams
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Crafted form boxing- and other martial arts- trainíng.

One size fitts all. Available in black / white as per pictures. The offered price is for one pair.