Fairtex Rope3 Super Thai Jumping Rope


Fairtex Rope3 Super Thai Jumping Rope by Fairtex



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Fairtex Super Thai Jumpingrope ROPE3

Train like a Thai - with this pair of PVC ropes. Plastic handles with integrated ball bearing and a durable PVC rope. 

The Fairtex's heavy-duty ball-bearing skipping rope is specially designed for Muay Thai training and perfect for stamina and endurance improvement during a workout routine.

The product is made of durable PVC material which is weighted more than the traditional skipping rope. This adjustable rope is ideal for everyone.


  • handles with integrated ball bearings
  • durable PVC rope
  • length adjustable
  • Nylon bag packaging Included
  • Max. length including handles: 290 cm
  • Max. length excluding handles: 265 cm
  • Made in Thailand quality

Available in black and red