Fairtex Short Focuss Mitts (FMV14)


Fairtex Short Focuss Mitts (FMV14) by Fairtex



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Fairtex Short Focus Mitts FMV14

These pads are made in a high quality, lightweight and odourless Micro Fibre vinyl, same as used on the MADDOX dummies. Designed for super fast and accurate box training. Anatonic shaped, compact focus mitts, weights only 260gm per hand with a compact size of 17x19cm WxH. Despite of the lightweight, these mitts still offer good shockabsorbtion due to the Fairtex multiple foamlayer technology. These pads will fly, so light and small. The glove at the back in combination with a ball shaped foam padding provide a great and secure fitting and allow maximum control.


  • high quality and odourless micro fibre vinyl
  • dimension, 17x19x5cm HxWxD, weight 260gm (per peice)
  • multiple layered foam core system
  • lightweght mitts
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • crafted for boxing and other Martial-Arts training.

One size fits all. Available in black/red and black/gold.
The offered price is for one pair.