Fairtex The Ultimate Cardio Focuss Mitts FMV12


Fairtex The Ultimate Cardio Focuss Mitts FMV12 by Fairtex



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Fairtex Cardio Focus Mitts FMV12

Fairtex FMV12 is designed for cardio and fitness training. These pads comes with a softer padding and weights only 450g per hand, made for fast and endurance training. The target area measures 30x17cm, so suitable for punch and kick training. Perfect trainers' equipment for starters, cardio and fitness boxers. These pads are made in a high quality, lightweight and odourless Micro Fibre vinyl, same as used on the MADDOX dummies. Featuring the unique contoured hand compartment that is ergonomically engineered to fit naturally to the trainer's hands, minimizing wrist injuries and fatique during extended use and allows trainer maximim control and leverage of focus mitts. Train like a Thai, Fight like a Thai


  • high quality and odourless micro fibre vinyl
  • dimension, 30x17x5cm HxWxD, weight 450gm (per peice)
  • 3 layered foam core system
  • stitched on target in contrast colour, printed with the Thai characters for one and two.
  • hook and loop velcro wrist band closure 
  • lightweght mitts
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • crafted for boxing and other Martial-Arts training.

One size fits all. Available in black/red, blue/red and red/black.
The offered price is for one pair.