Fairtx SB2 Speedball


Fairtx SB2 Speedball by Fairtex



  Available, shipped within 2 business days.

Fairtex SB2 5" diameter speedball

This piece of equipment inproves your eyes-hands coordination andstamina. Made in a lasting and easy care micorfibre vinyl, weights only 190g. Compact size and lightweight for fast rebounds. 30cm tall and 12.7cm in diameter. To be use in combination with a speedball platform.


  • microfibre vinyl
  • 12x5inch HxW, 30x12.7cm HxW, 190g
  • deflated packed and delivered, can be inflated with a regular soccerball pump.
  • To be use in combination with a speedball platform 

Available in black and gold.

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