Lonsdale Vintage MMA Gloves


Lonsdale Vintage MMA Gloves by Lonsdale Boxing

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Premium leather MMA training and sparring gloves made from durable and stunning looking brown vintage finished cowhide leather with individual finger sleeves, open palms and extra thick foam core padding at the knuckle area. Snug and fix fitting due to the quilted velcro fastener on the wrists. The open palm designs offers good ventilation and enable many different gripping techniques. Branded with the iconic Lonsdale logo's as embroidery on the wriststrap and embossed on top of the hands.

Lonsdale is an iconic name in the world of boxing since 1960. Great athletes has been training, competing and winning in the brand's legendary equipment.


  • vintage finished cowhide leather
  • mutli layered foam core padding
  • satin lining
  • Open palm design
  • hook and loop closure
  • embroidered and embossed logo's
  • Crafted for mix martial arts trainíng.

Available in vintage brown, in sizes S/M and L/XL.

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