Punchingbag Filling 14kg


Punchingbag Filling 14kg by Yumuka Industries



  Available, shipped within 2 business days.

Punchbag filling, washed and cut textiles. Cut in the perfect size which make filling of your punching bag easy, provide your bag with a nice and smooth shape, at the same time ensures a perfect shock absorbtion and punchbag weight regulation. Punchbags filled this this material will offer you a body realiistic feel during training. This material is make of 100% recycled and washed garments and is free of buttons and zippers


  • 100% recycled textiles
  • washed and shredded
  • flock size 2.5-5.0cm
  • ensures perfect shape, shock absorbtion and weight control
  • 14kg.


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