TapouT MMA.

TAPOUT was started in 1997 by three MMA super fans selling tees out oft he back of their Ford Mustang.


Tapout is a clothing and lifestyle brand that originated in the mixed martial arts (MMA) industry. The company was founded in 1997 by Charles Lewis Jr., Dan Caldwell, and Tim Katz.

The founders aka Mask, Punkass and Skysrape saw an opportunity in the niche, underground MMA fight scene in socal. They grinded to build TAPOUT, travelling around the country to cities where the sport was prevalent and distributed TAPOUT merchandize that soon became synonymous with the sport. Their fight and detemination made TAPOUT the biggest MMA merchandize company, forever making TAPOUT recognized as one oft he major players who made MMA and UFC the global phenomenon it is today.

The brand's initial focus was on designing and producing high-quality apparel for MMA fighters and fans, but it has since expanded to include a wide range of clothing, martial arts equipment and accessories for various sports and fitness activities.

Tapout gained popularity in the early 2000s through its sponsorship of MMA fighters and events, and it became a well-known brand in the MMA community. The brand has since expanded into other areas, such as professional wrestling and other combat sports. Tapout is known for its distinctive logo with a cinnemascop shape.

In 2010, Tapout was acquired by Authentic Brands Group, a global brand development, marketing and entertainment company. Today, Tapout products are sold in numerous countries around the world, and the brand continues to be popular among sports enthusiasts and fans of combat sports.

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