BenLee leather Hook and Jab pads Moore


BenLee leather Hook and Jab pads Moore by BenLee Rocky Marciano



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BenLee "Rocky Marciano" leather Hook and Jab pads Moore.
Pro-Quality trainignspads, in a vintage look due to the black full and brown suede leather mix. These pair of boxing pads are coach friendly due to the multiple layered foam padding, the additional foam pading around the palms and the wrist. These pads fits well due the well made gloves at the back combined with velcro closure straps and the extra foam ball at the palm area. The curved shape enables beter training on hooks and uppercuts. Suitable for boxing- and martial arts training.

BenLee and Rocky Marciano both legendary names from the history of boxing. Rocky, the all time champ, appreciated the innovation and quality of BenLee products.


  • fine full grain cowhide and suede
  • multiple layers foam padding
  • stitched on target in contrast colour. 
  • curved shaped
  • velcro wrist closure.
  • lightweght pads.
  • Crafted form boxing- and other martial arts- trainíng.

One size fitts all, in black/brown and army green, as per pictures.