Fairtex HG17 Pro Sparring Headguard Metallic


Fairtex HG17 Pro Sparring Headguard Metallic by Fairtex




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Introducing the Fairtex Pro Sparring headguard Metallic, engineered with the utmost precision and crafted from top-tier odorless Micro Fiber. This headguard ensures maximum safety, featuring a non-deformable iron-nose bar, extra padding, and a windshield on the ear. The cow leather lining provides a gentle feel and is easy to clean, maintaining hygiene effortlessly. With an adjustable lace-up on top, it offers a customizable fit for various head sizes, ensuring comfort and security during intense sparring sessions. Improve your sparring experience with the unparalleled protection and quality of the Fairtex Pro Sparring headguard Metallic.


  • 100% micrpfiber, durable and odourless
  • Multi-layer foam padding
  • comfortable and antislip leather lining
  • built in non-deformable iron-nose bar
  • adjustable through top laces and a velcro back hook & loop.
  • Crafted for boxing- and other martial arts trainíng.

Available in red and green, in sizes M, L and XL

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