Fairtex LKP4 Donut boxing strike shield


Fairtex LKP4 Donut boxing strike shield by Fairtex



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Fairtex LKP4 Donut Pads: Enhanced Impact Absorption for Uncompromising Protection

Experience the latest generation of Fairtex Donut Pads with the LKP4 - an innovative evolution of the popular LKP2 that offers even better impact absorption and training comfort.

The characteristic indentation in the center of the pad distributes impact force evenly and absorbs hard strikes more gently, minimizing the risk of injury for both trainer and training partner. The proven multi-layered foam construction provides optimal cushioning and support.

The round shape and slightly curved surface of the LKP4 perfectly adapt to the natural hand position and enable precise striking techniques without fatigue. Two generously padded handles ensure a secure grip and comfortable wear even during intense training sessions.

Ideally suited for all striking and kicking techniques in martial arts training. The versatile padding and comfortable design make the LKP4 the perfect choice for martial artists of all experience levels.

The LKP4 is equipped with a durable microfiber vinyl outer shell that can withstand even the toughest training sessions. Fairtex's typical care and precision guarantee a long service life and reliability.

The Fairtex Donut Pad sets new standards in impact absorption, comfort, and versatility. With its innovative indentation design and proven Fairtex quality features, it is the ideal choice for modern martial artists who want to optimize their training at the highest level.


  • microfibre vinyl
  • multi-layer foam padding
  • special hit area
  • round no-injury shaped
  • 2 padded handles for a sturdy and secure grip
  • Ø 38cm, thickness 13cm
  • appr. 2,8kgs
  • Crafted form kboxing-, thaiboxing and martial arts trainíng.

Available in black/red and black/gold, as per pictures..