PTP Power Tube Outdoor Anchor


PTP Power Tube Outdoor Anchor by PTP



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Increase your exercise range and work outside your home thanks to the PTP outdoor anchor. Ideal for outdoor training it is made of durable nylon webbing and stitching to provide long-lasting use. Compatible with the PTP PowerTube and PowerTube+, it allows you to train from various anchor heights in the comfort of your own home or in a hotel room when on-the-move. Take your exercise routine outside with the PTP Outdoor Anchor. The outdoor anchor allows for training outdoors by placing the PTP Outdoor Anchor around any fixed object and sliding your resistance tube through the loop end to start your workout. Constructed with durable materials and a soft lining to protect against abrasions.

NOTE: (1) Never attach the anchor to a door in a way that the door could be pulled towards you. Always pull resistance products in a direction where the door closes towards you. (2) When attaching the anchor to a bar/post, always ensure that it is well secured and cannot break/bend under the tension or force of the resistance product.


  • Soft neoprene lining for reduced tube abrasions
  • Nylon webbing and stitching enhances durability
  • Ideal for outdoor use

Available in black.