Sukkiri Hygienic Spray


Sukkiri Hygienic Spray by Yumuka Industries



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Sukkiri Spray offers the perfect solution for everyone who wants to keep their non-washable sports equipment fresh and clean. Whether it's shoes, helmets, gloves, or other non-washable sports equipment - the hygiene spray eliminates unpleasant odors and ensures long-lasting freshness.

Why choose Sukkiri Spray?
Effective cleaning: Sukkiri Spray penetrates deep into the fibers and removes not only odors, but also bacteria and germs that can accumulate in your sports equipment.
Long-lasting freshness: Enjoy a long-lasting fresh fragrance that makes your equipment look like new, with every use.
Easy application: With the user-friendly spray mechanism, Sukkiri Spray is effortless and quick to apply.

Now you have the chance to experience the impressive effect of Sukkiri Spray yourself. Let yourself be convinced by the unbeatable performance. Your sports equipment will thank you for it.

How to Use.
Hold the can 5 to 15 cm from the surface and move the sprayer quickly over the item you want to treat.


  • 300ml spray can
  • Tiltable spray head and extra long spray nozzle
  • Always fresh training equipment
  • For all sports equipment that is difficult to keep fresh and hygienically clean, such as football boots, boxing gloves, sports shoes, shin guards, helmets etc.
  • The spray can be used before and after wearing the equipment, as it leaves no residue and does not make your material slippery or damp.
  • The 2-way spray head allows even the smallest corners and holes to be reached for optimum results.
  • The can is handy and can be taken anywhere without worry.


Sukkiri (すっきり) in japanese means: feeling refreshed, feeling fine, feeling clear-headed

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