TapouT elastic handwraps 197" - 5.0m


TapouT elastic handwraps 197" - 5.0m by TapouT



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These lightly elastic hand wraps Sling by TapouT protect your hands and finger knuckles. Hand wraps stabilize your hands during combat, sparring, or heavy bag training while absorbing most of the sweat before it reaches your gloves. A wide Velcro closure makes them easy to use, and they wrap smoothly without creasing. Additionally, they are machine washable. Available in the following sizes: 350cm x 5cm (length x width).


  • 55/45% nylon/cotton
  • 500x5cm (LxW)
  • thumbloop
  • velcro wrist closure
  • machine washable  
  • For use with bag mitts and trainínggloves.
  • For boxing or martial arts traiing.

 Available in black and red