BenLee Pao pads Super Thai Two


BenLee Pao pads Super Thai Two by BenLee Rocky Marciano



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BenLee leather kick- and punch Pao pads Super Thai Two

The new and improved BenLee Pao / Thaipads comes with an ergonomic curved shape, at the back a padded and reinforced grip bar and two velcro strap closures for a maximum control of the pads. The contact area at the back is comfortably padded. The new improved foam core absorbs heavy blows and only weight 850g each side.

BenLee and Rocky Marciano both legendary names from the history of boxing. Rocky, the all time champ, appreciated the innovation and quality of BenLee products.


  • leather shell
  • multiple layers foam padding
  • padded grips
  • arm straps with velcro closure
  • 36x20x9 HxWxD, 850g / side
  • Crafted form kickboxing-, thaiboxing and other martial arts- trainíng.

Available in black/yellow, offered and sold in pairs.