Ceiling Hook with 360° swivel and snap hook


Ceiling Hook with 360° swivel and snap hook by Yumuka Industries



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Heavy Duty ceiling hook with swivel and snap hook

This heavy duty 360° ceiling hook is made in a sturdy and stainless 304 steel and can carry up to 450kg of load. This hook comes with an integrated swivel, 2 steel anchor bolts and a snap hook. The integrated swivel is attached to a metal rod that allows the swivel and the weight attached to it, to swing. The anchor bolts are designed for use in concrete ceilings or walls only. Properly installed this ceiling hook can handle weights up till 450kgs. This is an universal ceiling hook for multiple in- and outdoor usage like hanging up an punchng bag, sling trainer, hammocks, hanging chair, yoga, pull up bars and many more.


  • 304 Stainless steel
  • set includes anchor bolts and a 80mm snap hook
  • load capacity 450kgs
  • easy to install
  • maintanace free

Sold as set only.