Fairtex UC1 Wall Mount


Fairtex UC1 Wall Mount by Fairtex



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Fairtex UC1 Wall Mount

This wallmount heavy bag has been tested and installed worldwide. Solid built on metall frame and finished with the lasting Fairtex Syntek. Perfect if space is an issue, with this wall mounted bag you can fully utilize small corners and the empty walls.
Made for boxing and muay thai, will stand your punches, hooks, uppercuts and knees. Easy to install with the 4 included heavy duty concrete scews. This wall mount heavy bag measures 62x40x32cm HxWxD and weights 13.5kg.


  • metal frame
  • Wood and foam padding
  • Fairtex Syntek™ vinyl shell
  • including 4 heavy duty concrete screws
  • 62x40x32cm HxWxD  13.5kg
  • Suitable for boxing, muay thai and other martial arts trainíng.
  • Hand made in Thailand

Available in black with white targets.

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